5 Reasons Why Good Mothers Are True Blessings

Josephine and her family faced numerous financial difficulties during her childhood. Alongside her nine siblings, she often began her day without breakfast. However, after enrolling in World Vision sponsorship with her mother’s blessing, her life took a positive turn.

Drawing from Josephine’s experience, here are five aspects that make mothers genuine channels of blessing:

1. Good mothers ensure their families have the best start in life

Despite their poverty, Josephine’s mother and father supported their ten children. Her mother wholeheartedly endorsed Josephine’s decision to join World Vision sponsorship to access education, because she understood the immense impact that having an education would have on her daughter’s future. Education is the key out of poverty.

2. Good mothers inspire their children to dream

At the age of seven, Josephine gained a sponsor through World Vision, a retired Australian schoolteacher. Now, as a mother of two sons, John Bryan, 20, and Jose Louis, 10, Josephine and her husband have passed on invaluable lessons to their own children and are finding their own ways of paying it forward.

3. Good mothers protect their children

Beyond providing a good start in life, good mothers secure a promising future for their children. Josephine expresses her desire for her sons to complete their education, ensuring they can stand on their own feet even after she’s gone. “I want them to finish their studies so that even when we’re no longer around, they can stand on their own,” says Josephine, of her dreams for her sons. “For myself I’m already content. I may not be rich, but I am not poor—I have enough.”

4. Good mothers provide for their children

Josephine, now a Senior Associate at the National Power Corporation, finds joy in supporting her children financially. She ensures they have the resources for education, sparing them the hardships she faced.

5. Good mothers inspire others to contribute to their children’s well-being

The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” resonates with World Vision’s 65-year history of supporting millions of families. Having once been a sponsored child herself, Josephine has found a means to repay the generosity and kindness of her sponsor by also supporting a child now. She aims to raise awareness about the ongoing need for support, especially in education, and encourages others to join in child sponsorship.

For just P25 per day, you can make a profound impact on a child’s life, similar to Josephine’s.

Become a sponsor and explore other ways to support World Vision Philippines in our mission to end child poverty. Visit www.worldvision.org.ph to learn more about child sponsorships, birthday fundraisers, event donations, and corporate social responsibility opportunities.

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