Every girl should have the freedom to dream and face the future with hope. But many still live in constant fear of violence, simply because they are girls. Now is a chance to change that.

When you sponsor a girl, you contribute to a movement that fosters lasting change. Your support not only provides access to education, healthcare, and essential resources but also helps break down the barriers of fear that hold girls back from reaching their full potential.

Together, we can transform lives, inspire communities, and ensure that every girl knows she has the power to shape her own destiny.

Imagine what the world would be like if #GirlsCan be free from fear

Let's come together to create a world where every girl can thrive, where fear is replaced with hope, and where girls and women are celebrated for their strength and abilities.

Help build a virtuous cycle of empowerment through sponsorship.

Did you know that

One in six Filipino girls is married off before they turn 18.

Seventeen percent of Filipino women aged 15-49 have experienced physical violence, and only 34% of victims seek help.

As of 2020, the Philippines ranks 10th in the total number of child marriages.

Sponsorship can help a girl break free from the cycle of poverty. Empower vulnerable girls to rewrite their stories by providing them the right tools to overcome adversity.

Sponsorship provides...


We work to provide girls with better access to education. We also supply basic school supplies to supplement learning and relieve families of financial burdens linked to education.

Health and Nutrition

We initiate projects to ensure families eat nutritious food, have access to clean water, enjoy quality health services, and are well-informed about infectious diseases.

Child Protection

We inform girls of their rights and train community members on child protection issues. Our interventions provide timely and appropriate responses to identified cases of child abuse.


We provide families with tools to earn a living. We educate parents about financial literacy, savings, and investments.

Your sponsorship can help girls gain an education – which has a ripple effect.

  • Improved health and well-being – Educated girls are more likely to make informed decisions about their health, leading to better maternal and child health outcomes.

  • Economic empowerment – When girls acquire valuable skills and knowledge through education, they become better equipped to enter the workforce and contribute to their local economies.

  • Poverty reduction – Not only do women earn more when they get an education, they use that money to invest in their families and children.

  • Financial development – According to studies, when 10% more girls in a given country finish school, that country’s gross domestic product can increase by 3 percent.3 This means a higher standard of living for everyone in the country, not just for individual girls.

#GirlsCan make a difference

On weekends, Xanniyah teaches younger kids in her community how to read. She works with World Vision partner Go Bike by bringing books to young kids who struggle with literacy. By tutoring children, Xanniyah is helping them grow their chances of a better future.

“I’m helping children how to read because I believe literacy is one of the keys to unlocking our dreams.”

Xanniyah, 16 years old
World Vision-sponsored child and volunteer

Despite her timid personality, Pauline shows a strong desire to help her community, especially the children. World Vision has been a firm advocate that children have the potential to make their lives better in the future.

“Someday I want to be a teacher so I can also teach children their rights and good values, similar to what World Vision has taught me.”

Pauline, 14 years old
World Vision-sponsored child and child leader

With your sponsorship, #GirlsCan can live fuller lives and have better futures.

Sponsorship creates a unique connection that can build a child’s confidence, happiness, and hope. Knowing they have a sponsor who cares can have a huge impact on a child. And as you see the difference you’re making for your child and their community, you’ll find your life changed for the better, too.



Project ACE

Supports the Philippine government’s effort to address the worst forms of child labor, including online sexual exploitation of children.


SWEET Project

Sustaining Women’s Economic Empowerment Thrust (SWEET) empower women to provide the basic needs of their households and contribute to the local economy.

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Menstrual Hygiene Programs

Ensures girls have knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene, and access to safe and affordable sanitation and washing facilities.

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