World Vision aims to sponsor 2,000 children in 1,000 hours

Can you help sponsor 2,000 children in 1,000 hours?


Quezon City – International humanitarian organization World Vision introduced its new child sponsorship campaign in a press launch last August 22, 2017. Entitled “2,000 Children in 1,000 Hours,” the new campaign stresses the urgency of World Vision’s cause by posing a challenge to everyone who supports child advocacy; that is, to help World Vision secure a better future for 2,000 children within 1,000 hours.



World Vision currently supports 2,000 unsponsored children who are living in dire situations due to lack of access to clean water, full meals, and education. The new campaign aims to draw support from potential sponsors as soon as possible to help provide basic needs to these children and their families and to bring lasting change to their communities.


The organization also launched “Sama-Sama,” a music video, to help raise awareness about World Vision and its activities. Among the artists featured in the video are World Vision Ambassadors, Advocates and Sponsors Ogie Alcasid, Tippy Dos Santos, Bianca Umali, Christian Bautista, Jed Madela, Sam Concepcion, Richard Supat, Christian Perkins, Jesse Perkins and Gloc-9.



Tippy Dos Santos was present during the event, with World Vision National Ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith and World Vision Ambassador for Child Sponsorship Joyce Pring, who all showed their support for the new campaign.



“We are all truly grateful to everyone who showed their support for this campaign; the musicians and ambassadors who gave their time and talent for the cause, and everyone who attended this launch,” shared World Vision Resource Development Director Jun Godornes. “The most vulnerable communities do not have the luxury of time on their side. Our main goal for 2,000 Children in 1,000 Hours is to equip these communities with the right tools to build a better life for themselves and their children. By becoming a sponsor and donating PHP 25 a day, you can help us bring hope to a child’s future,” said Godornes.



To find out more about 2,000 Children in 1,000 Hours, please visit or call the World Vision hotline number at 372-77-77.—World Vision/August 16, 2017


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