Bring joy to every Filipino home

For 12 years, you have helped us make Christmas a joyous and memorable celebration for poor Filipino children. Through your donations, we see children in our care excitedly line up with their families to receive your Noche Buena gifts.

One of them is Bea, a 9-year-old sponsored child from Zamboanga del Norte. Bea’s family celebrates Christmas with adobong manok. When she became part of World Vision, Bea and her family got the chance to celebrate with more and Bea had the opportunity to eat her favourite food, spaghetti.

Thousands of children like Bea can celebrate a wonderful Christmas because of you. This year, we invite you to bring joy in the homes of underprivileged children once again.

You can share God’s love and help make Christmas more memorable for poor children by sending them a special Noche Buena Gift.

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1000  PHP

  • Our Action

    We promise to use your donation in the most effective way possible. Noche Buena donations from child sponsors and one-time donors will be pooled together to put a delicious meal on a poor family's table on Christmas Eve. A portion of Noche Buena donations from child sponsors will provide a special gift for their sponsored children. The Noche Buena gift contains spaghetti or pancit, and fruit salad meal ingredients with the additions of canned goods, and juice for an entire family.

  • Our Vision

    God’s love is the real meaning of Christmas. This season is a time for everyone to spread and share God’s love. World Vision would like to be a witness to generous hearts coming together to become channels of His Love.

  • Where does the money go?

    Noche Buena donations from one-time donors and child sponsors will be used to provide Noche Buena packs, special gifts pledged for sponsored kids and community Christmas parties.