Fundraise for Children

Everything World Vision does is focused on one goal: the well-being of children.

The good news is YOU can be part of this cause too. By doing something that you personally love and teaming up with your friends or colleagues, you can raise money to support World Vision’s programs and projects for children.


Fundraise for children!


You don’t need to have a lot to donate to a cause you strongly believe in.


If you have a collection of books that you don’t mind giving away, raise money for a cause and organize a book drive. If you want to get rid of your old clothes and other things, set up a garage sale and donate the amount you earned.


Are you a big foodie? Organize a dinner party and give the funds raised to feed other children. Do you love making homemade crafts? Sell them online to raise money to support others.


The possibilities are endless when you are determined and sincere in sharing your time and efforts to make a difference. And no act of kindness is too little for children who need it most.


Help bring gifts that could feed families, help families learn to earn through livelihood activities, train communities to be disaster-ready, or give essential healthcare.


Fundraise to give a Vision Gift to children



Bountiful Christmas

It’s been our yearly tradition to celebrate Christmas by bringing families together through our Noche Buena campaign. Give a Noche Buena gift to families and share a meaningful meal with them.

Healthy Christmas

Your gift will ensure that parents and their children are well-nourished, protected from infection and disease, and have access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education.



Safe Christmas

Your gift will enable schools and barangays to respond swiftly to reduce the impact of emergencies.

Abundant Christmas

Your gift will equip parents and communities to develop life skills.


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